The Expendables 2

I already told you about my « The Expendables » project (do you want to know more?). Since some of you liked what they read and helped me stay motivated to complete it I thought a little « state of play » would be appreciated, so here it is.

They are all in « test assembly » but for the most part they are ready for undercoat and paint. Some may need adjustements here and there, but they are starting to look like something.


My first « Expendable », I am pretty pleased with the pose, casually litting his cigar.

If you want an impossible job done, you go to Sylvester and his crazy bunch. They are not cheap, but they would do the job, any job. Oh, and bring a box of synth-tobacco cigars, it’ll ease the negociation process…


I was always a fan of dual guns wielding crazy bad asses, so I went that way for Jason.

There is a rumour in the underhive about Jason killing a whole rival gang armed with nothing but a bath towel.

It is a legend of course. Still, it wouldn’t be wise to disturb Jason during his shower, you never know…


For my second « Expendable » (in order of assembly) I wanted to emphasize the « crazyness » of the character, thanks to GW sculpts, crazy looking type are easy to do with Goliath faces.

« Mickey, why did you chop the guy head? »

« He looked at me funny. »

« Well ok then. Now could you please get rid of his head, it’s been two days and it is starting to stink worse than you after a night in a bar… »


Quick and simple conversion, using a Chaos cultist lasgun (Jason wields one of their pistol). Each time I look at him I think about the « Now I have a machine gun. HO-HO-HO » scene from Die Hard.

« Why is Bruce called « wrong place, wrong time » anyway? Aren’t nicknames supposed to be short? »

« Just ask the guys running into him by chance and pissing him off… »


Chuck is the ultimate badass, the one man army, hence the fact that he wields a two handed chain axe with one hand AND a plasma combi.

One day Chuck was trapped in an abandonned ventilation conduct, naked and inconscious. There he was captured by a Genestealer cult because their leader wanted to use him to bread a new kind of purestrain.

When they used an industrial saw to cut his chest open…the saw broke! That woke Chuck up and he is not one to appreciate being woken up.

Well, these guys won’t be kidnapping anybody anymore…


Another crazy « Expendable », everything here is about the contrast between his smile, his « relaxed » pose and the armory he carries with him.

« Don’t you think that knife is sharp enough Dolph? Don’t you have anything more useful to do than sharpen it for hours? »

« I don’t know, let me try to shave your ugly facial hair in one stroke and we’ll see… »


Crazy #warmongers are responsible for this one. I had a slot left for my tenth gagner and two people suggested I went for Ronda, so here she is. It is of course the conversion that took me the longest, but I am happy I went for it. She is based on a Raging Heroes Jailbird mini, which I modified heavily. And of course, she wields the most impressive close combat weapon of the gang.

One day a Goliath juve called Ronda « Escher ». Now there is a jawless guy in the hive working his shifts and not talking nonsense anymore.


The Governor… All the work went into his gun, not the biggest of the gang, but quite imposing anyway.

Arnold likes to tell everybody he was an Imperial planetary Governor before arriving to Necromunda.

What a former Governor would do in the underhive? Why would he join a gang of cold blooded killers? Better ask these than question the truth behind Arnold statement, you wouldn’t want to see him angry.


Sorry for this one, the GS on his cap was drying when I took the pictures so he is still in two parts. Yes, the gun is from a Tornado Land Speeder…

« You know that gun is supposed to go on a Land Speeder right? »

« Yeah? And what would we do with a Land Speeder under here Jason?.. »


Another « Expendable » crazy #warmongers wanted me to do (« Villain » in the movies). I hesitated to give him a coat but was affraid it would break the visual unity of the gang. Most of the work went on his face and glasses (GS was still drying, so…). He also got a BIG knife, just because he steals Sylvester’s one in the movie (and I have a bunch of orks weapons in my bitz box).

« You have to be aware of your surrondings. You see that pipe, that blast door, that ventilation system? They all talk to us, they interact with each other and with us. You should be aware of what they say, what they think. Only then, when you are aware will you trully master the art of blowing everything up. »

That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed it.

Banner picture & pictures from « The Expendables » belong to whoever now owns the rights to the franchise, i.e. not to me. Pictures of my WIP gangers by me.

16 réflexions sur « The Expendables 2 »

  1. Awesome work. You’ve done a great job getting those small details for the character.

    My only criticism is Ronda. From the front view, that thing on her chest makes her look like she’s got watermelons under that shirt. Know what I mean?

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Well the RH mini had…a.m. imposing chest area, if you know what I mean. I tried surgery to reduce it and then gave her the same kind of armour the other guys have. But yeah, she still looks imposing in that area.

      It could have been better and more realistic since breasts shouldn’t inflate heavy armour but be compressed under it (quite uncomfortably too if you ask me). I’ll do better next time.

      For the time being it will be one of those flaws I allow myself on the « exagerated details » excuse I use for beards, caps and so on.

      In the end you are right, could have been better.

      Aimé par 1 personne

    2. My thoughts exactly. I spent quite some time converting her: changing her hair style, making her taller, working om her arms and pose, forging her a custom armour. In the end I thought: « ok, her breasts are too big, well…nobody is perfect 😉 ».

      Aimé par 1 personne

    3. PS: I may work a bit more on her armour plate. Won’t do anything to solve the issue we were discussing, but I am not sure I am perfectly happy with how it looks right now.

      Or I could be reasonnable, let it go and paint those gangers!

      Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Thanks very much! I may start the painting this week. Can’t decide if I want to finish them first or assemble the Escher and then paint everything…


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