Friends, stuff and shops

The idea of this page is mainly to answer the question « where to find cool stuff? », but you’ll also find good blogs, forums & websites. I’ll also sometimes point to things I find inspiring.

Being part of a community

DISCLAIMER 1: this section is not as up to date as I would like;

DISCLAIMER 2: I am thinking of a better way to do this [see the blogroll on the right] and trying things, so expect some changes in the coming centuries.

First of all you should follow the guys using the #warmongers hashtag on twitter, instagram and anywhere else. It is a positive and open community with great painters, converters and crazy hobbyists. What’s not to like?

Second of all, you should visit Creative Twilight. It is a great blog, full of advice and good minis. It is also a great example of the spirit I like in the hobby: very positive and inclusive. Building a community and helping each other is a great opportunity to meet new people, have new ideas and make progress. You’ll find all of this there!

Third of all (is that even a thing? If it is not, what comes after second of all?), here are some of the blogs I discovered via twitter and that I read regularly (I am obviously going to forget people I like, but I will try to update regularly):

  • one I am proud to say I am partly responsible for, you should read it, maybe you’ll learn my real identity there: ;
  • some great people are writting on that one, so go have a look: ;
  • crazy talented painting and crazy talented conversions by a crazy (in a good way, we talked about it) and talented person are to be found here: ;
  • some great ideas are becoming great minis (I especially enjoyed the « disposable heroes » serie) in this place: ;
  • you like Squats and miss them (a lot)? Then you should visit and while you’re at it you’ll discover a lot more gold stones from yore in that river!.

Where to find some inspiring things (minis or else) ?

  • Chromanaut : you should go check this out right away, this is hobby made art, models that tell stories as good as books, this is just wonderful!
  • Massive Voodoo : these guys are just great. Check the tutorials, best school ever.

Where to find cool stuff in the real world ? (all the shops of my life)

Where to find cool stuff on the internet ?

  • First of all, the best minis currently available : the TGG from Raging Heroes. They are beautiful & beautifully made. I bought some of their first references (that one for example) and backed both their kickstarters (received my batch for TGG1, not yet for TGG2). They never disappointed me and seem to get better and better with time passing. Go there, buy them all, great value for money !
  •  For great scifi orcs/orks you find what you need at Kromlech. I do not know their other ranges but the orcs are just awesome. When I show you more of my Waaagh you’ll see many bits from Kromlech.
  • Since we talk about orcs, you should see what they offer at Puppets Wars. I only know their orcs machines (the planes). They have the fun & grotesque orkish look I love. The sculpt is sometime a bit messy, but for orcs is it not what we want ?
  • Do you know Figone ? If not, you have to see. Very creative, you have to check the « Humour » range. I bought that little guy and that big guy for my father : the resin is beautiful and they look as good in real life that they do on the website. Some really cool stuff for scenic bases as well.

Where to find tools, bases and such things ?

  • When I need bases and raw material I always go at Minisocles. Dimitri is always nice and find many great stuff you don’t even know you need but can’t live without once you tested them.
  • Just a piece of advice : for raw material, ditch GW & co. Go to a art store, better value for money and better stuff. In France find the nearest Rougier&Plé and you’re done.