A different kind of hobby…

Drawing / sketching has been a hobby of mine long before painting minis ever was. As far as I remember I enjoyed holding a pen and bringing the creatures that live in my head to life on paper. It was the first « media » I used to tell the stories I wanted to tell. Soon enough fantasy creatures and spaceships invaded my drawings.

At one point I even considered joining an art school and triing to make it as a professionnal. I did not, out of cowardice and lazyness (and maybe because I knew I was not talented enough to make a living out of it).

During my university years drawing became less and less a « home hobby » (it was also the time I stopped painting minis for a few years). My drawings became sketches in the margins of my class notes. I kept that silly habit which kept me safe during hours of boring studies. I realized sketching was not preventing me from listening to what people were saying or concentrating on the discussed topic. On the contrary, keeping my mind open, it helped me concentrate.

I kept the habit of sketching during meetings, conferences, long telephone calls and such from my students year. It may surprise my co-workers from time to time but as long as I do not have to speak but mostly listen to people, sketching makes me more efficient. I made my peace with the fact thay it may seem like I am not listening and makes me look like a crazy dude. In the end, I am one crazy dude so…

Here you’ll find some examples of these kind of sketches. Hope you fancy some of them. Feedback is, as always, appreciated. I’ll try to post some more (and more recent stuff) soon.

First of all, some Lord of the Rings inspired stuff, from 10 years ago.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Some more fantasy stuff, from this year (not much progress since the first batch, seems I am not practicing enough…). And yes, I like helmets…

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Well that’s all for folks. Hope you liked what you read, see you soon.

Banner picture was taken by me, but the art is someone’s else (see my #artseenonthestreet on instagram), all other pictures are my own.

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