Inktober 2020

I never completed my Inktober2019 drawings. Neither did I completed the Inktober2019 post for that matter (see here). Still, it did not prevent me to try again this year, so here we are.

Now that October is behind us, I konw I succeeded this time.

Same as last year this was a team effort. Here you’ll find my drawings and the ones by my friend Bygga (formerly known as Phestone). The two other members of the team never sent their drawings so they won’t feature in that post (too bad for them) but go check them out on instagram: brg.draw and gjhscotty.

The prompt list we used, from Jake Parker, as usual.


As good manners dictate, we start with Bygga’s work. As Bygga is both a talented musician and an Adobe Illustrator geek, he used the Inktober prompts to create music albums covers, because why not add some more rules when you can? Rules fuel creativity right?


Now, here are my own drawings. I use the usual Inktober rules (ie I am using ink), but I, as well, like to add rules to rules, so I used the same as in 2017 and 2018: my drawings are quick sketches, drawn on yellow sticky notes.

Well that’s all for folks. Hope you liked what you read, see you soon.

Banner picture is from, the drawings and sketches are from me and the team. 

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