Three little Rocks…

Coming home tonight I hoped I could get something hobby related done. I wanted something quick to paint.

Since I painted the Water Elemental from Rackham recently (see here), I decided to go for Rackham « minor elementals » (in the Aarklash universe wizards can summon elemental creatures related to the magic they use). The minis corresponding to the major elementals are mighty magical warriors, on the other hand the minor elementals are little magical creatures and the sculpts are original and funny. They are deeply rooted in low-fantasy iconography.

Talamh (my Earth Elemental, see above) needed little brothers so I decided to go for them :

I put some work into basing. Some rocks and sand for the Faune and some old GW resin fantasy bases for the two other minis. At that point I hoped I could finish the three minis tonight…that did not work.

But at least I finished one of them and got the rocks on the others well under way. Not what I aimed for, but better than nothing.

RockMan was fun to paint (he still needs work on his eye and varnish, but I am calling him « done » anyway).

I wanted to give the feeling that he rose directly from the rocks of the base so I painted everything as one piece. I am quite happy with the result. The receipe is quite simple. Successive washes of Administratum Grey ; Administratum Grey and The Fang ; then Administratum Grey, The Fang and Abaddon Black. I finished with Agrax Earthshad to give a more « earthy » look. After the washes I applied successive dry brushing (Admistratum Grey and then Karak Stone -on the top of the mini-).

A hint of black in some deep holes, some green moss on the base and a red eye and RockMan was reasy to serve a wizard!

I’ll try to finish the two other rocks this week and it will be the occasion to work a little bit more on the eye.

Well that’s all for folks. Hope you liked these guys, see you soon.

Banner picture: three primed little rocks, all pictures by me.

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