As you may have noticed (here and there) I am quite a « Confrontation » enthousiast and collector.

I started collecting the minis again after a couple of years pause following the collapse of Rackham (the company that made the game and minis). I collect every factions (but Mid-Nor) and own quite a few (mistakes where made). Occasionally I also paint some of them. The least I can do to justify the compulsive buying frenzy.

Anyway, I recently decided I’ll try to complete the elementals. I own all four elements (but not the two principles, light and tenebrae -one day I’ll post something about religion and magic in the lore-).

At that point I completed the Earth (Talamh, la 13ème colline) and Water (Eil-Ton, le fils de la vague) elementals and am still wondering how to paint the air one. Since I had the fire elemental (AnoraXia, le brasier) when I played the game, I felt it was time for a couple of family photos.

You’ll notice the fire elemental is an old paintjob, back in the days where gaming was more important to me than painting, so please do not judge it too harshly (anyway it is not one of my most shameful one from back then). I could repaint it, but repainting is at the bottom of my « to do list » (so not done before the next millennium) and I have mixed feelings about repainting old minis that served me well in combat.

Anyway, here are the bros:

And for those who are wondering since I posted this, yes I managed to finish the three little rocks during the week. I am not happy with the eyes of the Faune and should definitely go back to the rock of the druid (very sloppy…I changed my plans while doing it, then had to leave and wanted to call him done…anyway…).

Here they are:

Well that’s all for folks, see you soon.

Pictures by me.

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