Azael’s attendants // La suite d’Azael

I talked to you here about the small undeads warband I am painting for Confrontation.

I did not post much about them since then but they got reinforcements (I guess the necromancer raising then found a nice little cemetery or something).

Here are some group photos of that sinister bunch. Since you met them they recruited two banshees (I love Rackham banshees) and a living gargoyle.

Since I find the models particularly stunning (I am talking about the sculpt) here are some pics of the banshee up close, because they’re worth it.

Since these were taken I added some (rotten) muscles to the warband, see here to know more about the big guy.

Well that’s all for folks. Hope you liked these guys, see you soon.

Banner picture is an illustration picturing Azael herself (formerly owned by Rackham) ; pictures of the minis are by Pigeon du Canal.

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